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Experience our customized Sleep Well at Night Process:

Step 1
Adamo and Raffaele will use their 15+ years of credit experience to comb through your entire financial situation to find any inefficiencies in your life. As we go through life, we spread our debt around to different institutions.

– Refinancing solution to free up cash-flow
– Renewal option to save money
– Overall debt management plan to reduce interest cost.

Step 2
As the leader of this service, Adamo will show you potential investment options that will be the vehicles to achieving your goals. In today’s world, we are bombarded with much information about where to put our money and who to trust.

With his experience in the mutual fund and banking industry, Adamo will show you many different investment options that can suit your objectives and fit with who you are. More importantly, he will show you how simple these investment choices really are and empower you in the decision-making process.

Step 3
As the leader of this service, Raffaele will take into account all the goals you wish to achieve throughout your life. He will then put in place a personalized plan, suited just for you and that will help you get where you want to go. He will also guide you through every important milestone of your life. With a good plan, everything is possible!

With his 15 years of experience in the banking field, Raffaele is specialised in personal finance and is a graduate Financial Planner of the Institut Québécois de Planification Financière (IQPF). His main goal is to simplify your life and to protect you from unforeseen risk. For Finance in Motion, there are no problems, just solutions.

  • Our core mission is driven by the passion to provide the most personalized financial solutions for you and your family rooted in the following cornerstones:

    Finding you the money you didn't know you had while demystifying financial concepts.


    Protecting your money while being available through your many milestones in life such as first car, first home, or first child.


    Protecting your lifestyle by planning for the future to mitigate the unforeseen life's risks.

  • Our Vision The vision of Finance in Motion is simple. We look at your lifestyle in an attempt to find you the money you didn't know you had. It is certain that we use tools such as investment vehicles, insurance, and debt optimization but we do not overwhelm you with those details. We are there to make your lives easier and simpler. This undoubtedly leads to getting you closer to your life goals, whatever they may be.
  • With years of building trust and experience, our team is proud to have developed an expansive and comprehensive network of professionals that complement our services:
    Mortgage Brokers
    Real Estate Agents
    Legal Council
    Estate Planning


Our team has 30 years of combined industry experience and is more than proud of its deeply rooted values in the East end community, all born, raised and educated on the island of Montreal.

Raffaele Nardi

  • Financial Planner with Finance in Motion Inc.
  • Mutual funds representative with Investia Financial Services Inc.
What he loves…
  • His son the most and his motorized sports.
  • His financial plans clear and tailored to what his clients want to do in their lives.
  • His clients leaving his office knowing he will be there through every important milestone.

What he’s done…

  • Picked up a bachelor’s degree in business, a Financial Planner designation (IQPF) and a Canadian Securities License…and he’s only in his 30’s.
  • He was a Director of Financial Planning in a well-known bank, supporting 40 branches.

Adamo De Napoli

  • Mutual funds representative with Investia Financial Services Inc.
  • Financial Securities Advisor (Insurance Broker)
What he loves…
  • His espressos doubled and always black.
  • His investment solutions as simple as possible.
  • His clients leaving his office actually knowing where their money is invested.

What he’s done…

  • Filled his head with finance information at McGill University.
  • Then again at a large mutual fund company.
  • And finally one more time at a Canadian Bank.
  • Not to mention, he has his Canadian Mutual Funds licence and is headed back to McGill for yet another degree… Financial Planning.


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